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Fluoride and Dental Health

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which can increase tooth enamel resistance to the acid attacks that cause tooth decay. Fluoride ingested during the years of tooth formation produce tooth enamel that is less susceptible to tooth decay. This is termed a systemic benefit and is long lasting. Systemic fluoride intake comes from foods, beverages, naturally occurring or added to water.

After teeth erupt into the mouth they may additionally benefit from exposure to topical fluoride. Topical fluoride sources include dietary and beverage, toothpaste, fluoride mouth rinses and professional applications of fluoride varnish. Dietary fluoride becomes present in saliva, bathing teeth with tiny amounts of fluoride that help rebuild weakened tooth surfaces.

Dental caries (cavities) susceptibility and resistance are complex. The best preventive approach includes diet, snacking style, oral hygiene, regular dental visits, fluoride and more. Our dentists have the expertise to customize the best fluoride component for your child.

Feel free to contact us at our Cambridge pediatric dental office to find out whether fluoride treatment is right for your child or to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists.

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