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FAQs: Invisalign Teen® Clear Retainers

Q. How Often Should My Child Wear the Aligners?
A. Your teen must wear the aligners for up to 22 hours daily. They may be removed for eating, drinking, and regular oral hygiene, but worn for sleeping and all other activities.

Q. Are There Any Restrictions to What Your Child Can Eat While in Treatment?
A. No. Unlike braces, your teen may eat whatever they like as long as the aligners are removed before eating. Prior to placing the aligners back on, it’s important to brush teeth and the aligners to avoid food and damaging acids from getting trapped between aligners and teeth.

Q. Will Wearing the Aligners Affect My Child’s Speech?
A. Like any orthodontic treatment, there is a short adjustment period. The more your teen speaks with the aligners on, the quicker they will adjust.

Q. Is There Any Discomfort With Invisalign® Treatment?
A. There will be some pressure and minor discomfort for a day or two after each initial introduction of a new set of aligner trays. This is a sign that the teeth are moving sequentially into their final, correct position.

Q. Can I Chew Gum?
A. It is recommended that aligners be removed prior to chewing gum as the gum will stick to them.

Q. How Does My Child Keep the Aligners Clean?
A. Brushing them daily with toothpaste will keep them fresh and clean.

Q. How Often Should My Child See the Dentist While Wearing Invisalign®?
A. Regular office visits are every six to eight weeks. This will ensure that the Invisalign® treatment is progressing as planned.

Q. What Happens After Treatment Is Complete? Will My Child Need Retainers?
A. All Invisalign Teen® patients are instructed to wear retainers at night indefinitely after completing treatment. Sleeping with retainers in at night will ensure a healthy bite and maintain the new, corrected position of the teeth.

Q. How Long Does Invisalign® Treatment Take?
A. Treatment time varies depending on the severity of the misaligned teeth. Treatment time can be shorter than traditional braces, often between six and 18 months.

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